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Dual/Dirt Hardtail

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Buy dirt bike frames at a favourable price

Here, you'll find our offer of frames and frame kits for dual and dirt bikes or even your new BMX frame. Thus, you can put together your new bike just the way you like it. The frames in this category are very versatile. Aside from dirt and dual, the applications reach from fourcross (4X), pumptrack, street and skate park up to trial. The frame material mostly is aluminium or steel. The latter features a very "clean" look with thin, straight tube sets. Aluminium frames mostly feature thicker tube sets and reinforcements (these are called gussets) at points of stress peaks. Furthermore, the weight of aluminium frames is mostly lower. Short and compact dirt frames are especially well suited for skate park, street and pump track sessions. The short wheelbase makes them very manoeuvrable and playful and they invite to learn and try new tricks and moves. But the behaviour in the air while jumping (air time) is a little agitated and does not provide beginners with much feeling of safety. Dirt bikers with a longer frame (also a longer wheelbase) on the other hand provide more stability at larger doubles, dirt kickers or tables. Maybe you'll also find your new dirt frame in our product range.

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