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XC Hardtails 29

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Buy 29 inch MTB frames/frame kits

It has taken longer in Germany and/or Europe, in North America the advantages of the "29 inch frames" have been appreciated a lot earlier. Meanwhile, all large bike brands offer 29 inch frames, something in which noone would have believed some years ago. Mainly, cross-country racers with light, fast bikes are more and more seen with 29 inch bikes sprinting through the terrain since they have already skillfully left the smaller wheel candidates (26") behind in the hardtail segment. The reason is quickly explained: The larger 29 inch wheel size provides you with more comfort and safety in the terrain. The large wheels just swallow up any roots and bumps. Uphill you are advancing more with traction. Many who are seeking a 29 inch frame, look for exactly that, a "light" 29 inch race bike, which has been developed for fast tours or racing, because this is what the large wheels can do best. Does that apply to you? Then, you might be interested in the build-up of a carbon 29 inch bike or have you envisaged a titanium frame among the 29 inch hardtails in order to save weight? That is also why in this case, you'll have no problem to do without the additional suspension at the rear and why you'll choose the hardtail frame instead of the fully suspended one. But it does not always have to be a carbon frame, a 29 inch aluminium frame can also be light. The selection meanwhile has become quite large! You'll certainly find the matching frame of your dreams in our product range, with which you can build up the bike of your dreams. Here, in the shop for 29 inch hardtail frames, you'll find frames and frame kits from Specialized, Storck, Kona, Salsa, Surly and and and. Whether steep or rough, with a 29 inch bike, you'll make optimal progress.
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