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XC Hardtails

Build your hardtail according to your own wishes

A high-quality and stable frame provides a solid basis for every bike. 26 inch mountain bike frames should provide a fair balance between weight, rigidity and stability. A bike is considered a hardtail (HT in short) if the rear stay (or the tail of the bike) can do without suspension. Once you have decided to go for an MTB hardtail, you'll have to decide on the material. The well-known manufacturers, such as Specialized, Trek, Lapierre etc. limit themselves mainly to aluminium and carbon. Classic 26 inch aluminium frames are light-weight and offer sufficient comfort in the terrain. Hardtail frames of carbon are even lighter than aluminium frames and offer excellent rigidity values, perfect for building up a 26 inch race hardtail. Enthusiasts will of course also find frames of steel or titanium in our product range. These do not only stand out from the masses due to their plain design and thin tube sets, but they also offer good technical properties. Steel frames provide excellent durability and comfort. Titanium frames might be more expensive, but they also combine the advantages of carbon, aluminium and steel in themselves: They are light, very long-lasting and comfortable. Women will also find a large offer in our range of 26 inch mountain bike frames, which have been adapted to the female requirements (mainly since women often like to have a comfortable standover height). Put your new bike together according to your own wishes.

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