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XC/Tour Full Suspension

Buy a 26 inch mountain bike at a favourable price

26" full suspension bikes are the absolute allrounders. You can find beginners' models at really favourable prices, but also bikes very much equipped to a high specification and high-priced models. In accordance with the wheel size, the frame geometry of 26 inch full suspension bikes is relatively conventional in most cases, which will convey a good and safe riding performance, even for inexperienced cyclists. 26 inch full suspension bikes as well as fully suspended bikes with other wheel sizes feel quite at ease on natural terrain. Roots, stones, crushed rock, all of that will not be directly passed on to the cyclists thanks to the suspension of the front and rear wheels and thusly, the comfort and traction is increased. The chainstay systems, which are often complex, ensure a good response behaviour and reduce riding influences, such as the so-called "pedal bob" when pedaling. But not every full suspension bike is the same. Models for cross country applications naturally have a lower weight and a travel of up to 120 mm in the rear. In particular light race MTBs offer carbon instead of aluminium frames. For extreme applications, such as all-mountain or enduro, you are well-advised with 130 mm, 140 mm or even 150 mm travel. The manufacturers also offer a large selection of MTBs for women with classic 26 inch wheels.

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